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Frequently Asked Questions

  • VetDx Offline Mode

    VetDX: Working Offline
    Instructions for use

    VetDx now allows Vets to access their planned and in-progress visits whilst working without an internet connection.

    For full instructions, please see – VetDx Offline Mode

  • Why would I pay for VetDx when I can just use paper

    VetDx is more than just paper.

    So much more, that we even went to the trouble of trademarking the phrase

    So much more than paper” as we say it so much.

    We ensure that all users of the system are working as efficiently as possible – allowing the process to be shared with practice admins and farmers. As the pathway develops, our systems will change to follow the changes.

    We guide the users through all the relevant process, ensuring that the right data is captured at the right time by the right person. Data that can then be used later for further investigation if required.

  • Is the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway being used yet?

    All of our modules are live and in use.

    The Animal Health and Welfare Pathway has been used for several months by our customers and the certificates generated have been accepted by Defra and payments provided to the farmers after their submission.

  • How can I sign up?

    Please get in touch with us directly and we will start the process – or use the contact formContact Us on the site.

  • Do you provide any training?

    The software is designed to be intuitive. However, we will provide as much support as needed to get you up and running. This is via online screen sharing, helpdesk, and videos.