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Small Animal Parasite Screening

The use of blanket flea and worm treatments is commonplace in UK small animal practice. Drivers of this are an assumption that parasitic infection is relatively common and concerns over the zoonotic potential of many worm species. Small Animal Parasite Screening 

However, little is known about the impact of anthelmintics on the environment and there are growing concerns regarding the development of anthelmintic resistance, which already presents a huge problem in both livestock and equine industries.

Pet owners and vets alike are starting to question whether historical approaches to parasite control in dogs and cats are sustainable moving forward, and veterinary practices are coming under increasing scrutiny as to what alternative strategies they have in place. A recent EU study demonstrated the importance of faecal testing in combination with dewormers. However, implementing a faecal testing service in-practice is time consuming and error prone.

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The VetDX faecal parasite screening solution

The VetDX platform has been designed to help practitioners seamlessly adopt a faecal parasite screening service for their clients. Small Animal Parasite Screening

The VetDX service includes Home Delivery of a testing kit, tracking of samples back to the laboratory and delivery of the results back to your clinic, all in a timely manner. The VetDX platform removes all the hassle of handling faecal samples and completion of lab forms in-practice and testing frequency can be tailored to your clients/clinics needs. It could even be adopted as part of your Pet Health Plan.

Testing includes roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms, hookworms and lungworm.

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The Benefits

As well as removing all the hassle involved in implementing a parasite screening program, regular testing for gastrointestinal nematodes has been shown to improve owner compliance and also helps recognise where treatment plans are failing. 

In addition, the VetDX geo-spatial mapping of the data collected from routine testing will help vets and pet owners map parasite distributions in their area. This information will be invaluable in informing pet owners on parasite risk and control.

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