Welcome to VetDx

Animal Diagnostics & Vaccination Management

Creating bespoke, data-focused software solutions, to deliver greater efficiencies and tangible cost-savings to veterinarians, laboratories and the farming community, alongside enhanced health and welfare outcomes for animals.

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Welcome to VetDx

VetDx focuses on bringing transformational change to the veterinary and farming sectors. By simplifying and streamlining the collection, management and secure storage of anonymised livestock data and facilitating its analysis, we seek to drive animal health, productivity and fertility improvements.

VetDx’s pay-per-use software model supports the use of animal POC diagnostics and Precision Livestock Farming. Cloud-based software solutions are dedicated to achieving goals such as sustainable food production, higher animal welfare standards and the ‘One Health’ vision.

VetDX Animal Diagnostics, Fertility and AHWP

Animal Fertility

VetDx’s software solutions digitise current fertility tools, to assist with the collection, transmission and storage of data relating to tests such as semen analysis and Bull Breeding Soundness (BBS). Its data-driven approach enables accurate and swift analysis and reporting.

Diagnostics & Animal Welfare Pathway

VetDx simplifies and improves the traditional veterinarian data collection process through digitisation. This saves veterinary practices valuable time, hastens laboratory responses and supports the growing use of POC. Its software is also a major ally within the delivery of the Animal Welfare Pathway.

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Small Animal Parasite Screening

VetDx's small animal parasite screening service can help practitioners seamlessly adopt a faecal parasite screening service for their clients.

Animal Vaccination Management

VetDx’s animal vaccination software can facilitate greater vaccination uptake, issue digital vaccination reminders and create verifiable herd and flock status reports. Centrally held data presents a major opportunity, in terms of disease control and reduced antimicrobial usage.



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