Diagnostics & Animal Health & Welfare Pathway

With the arrival of the Animal Health & Welfare Pathway, our software has never been more relevant, to both veterinarians and farmers.

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How VetDx supports the Animal Health & Welfare Pathway vision

The VetDx diagnostic platform was designed to assist both Vets and Farmers as they navigate the Animal Health & Welfare Pathway. Our guided consultation ensures vets collect all the relevant data in a quick and efficient manner. 

The VetDx software can be accessed via any Smart Device or the practice computer and has offline functionality so can be used in even the remotest locations.

VetDx’s diagnostic platform assists in sample processing, reporting and certification that is an integral part of the Animal Health & Welfare Pathway’s vision, making life easier for all involved

With the assistance of our solutions, the Animal Health & Welfare Pathway can truly help Britain maintain and build on its world-leading farming standards. We are confident that VetDx software can seamlessly underpin the transition to higher-welfare farming practices and the longer-term goal of sustainable food production.

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VetDx’s benefits for animal diagnostic testing and infectious disease screening

VetDx’s software solution facilitates the easy collection of the samples required for infectious disease screening within the Animal Health & Welfare Pathway, whether the diagnostic test is seeking to detect BVD or PRRS, or is a drench test for a flock of sheep.

Our sample tubes are barcoded, so vets no longer have to scrawl notes on muddied test tubes or lab forms. The barcode number correlates to the specific animal, from the moment the sample is taken to the time the result arrives back at the vets.

Digitising sample collection guarantees secure and swift transmission to the laboratory and means no transcribing of hand-written notes is required, enabling faster analysis to occur. Farmers can also benefit from receiving report results in an efficient electronic format.

Farm confidentiality is  maintained at all times, through the use of anonymised data and top-level secure data storage.


VetDx and bio-security

VetDx’s software is a major ally in the quest to improve bio-security within the UK and reduce the risk of endemic disease.

The company is an ideal partner for farmers, veterinary practices and laboratories within the Animal Welfare Pathway test chain. It is committed to working collaboratively with its customers and offers a pay-per-use model.

There are estimated to be around 23,000 qualifying farms in Britain and all could benefit from the easy-to-use software that VetDX has developed, to take the pain and worry out of animal screening sampling and diagnostic testing.

Animal Health & Welfare Pathway Software