Vaccination Management

Animal Vaccination Management

The VetDx cloud-based platform fully supports the management of vaccine delivery within the veterinary sector. It provides its partners with every opportunity to increase vaccination rates within herds and flocks, by simplifying, streamlining and improving the steps involved.

VetDx firmly believes that use of its software can lead to significant advances in animal welfare, through the enhanced data collection and analysis processes provided to those managing animal vaccination services.

Benefits of VetDx for farmers and vaccinating vets

VetDx’s software helps address situations in which farms incur livestock losses, due to animals not being vaccinated against various disease risks.

It recognises that prevention is better than treatment and that a comprehensive, well-planned animal health control strategy is important for farmers wishing to protect their animals and reduce the spread of disease.

By considerably reducing the time required to administer vaccines on the farm, VetDx can make vaccination a more attractive option for farmer.

By arming vets with digitised processes, we can also make vaccination a more efficient and less time-consuming process for veterinary surgeons to manage, whether they are seeking to prevent TB or parainfluenza. Vaccination Management

In this way, the VetDx team hopes to see vaccination take-up improve considerably for highly contagious bovine viral diarrhoea (BVR), infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR), bovine respiratory disease (BRSV) and leptospirosis, amongst other diseases.

By increasing vaccination rates, we also hope to help combat the issues posed by antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and support the Plan, Prevent and Protect ethos, at a practical level.

VET-DX benefits

VetDx’s benefits for Government agencies

VetDx’s cloud-based platform and software can be the cornerstone of progressive and strategic approaches towards flock and herd vaccination and health management. Vaccination Management

By taking the pain out of handling and administering complex biological products, our digital solutions can help build a more resilient and sustainable livestock farming system.

Our data-driven approach also provides a key opportunity to create animal disease mapping from the data collected, to help analyse patterns and trends and manage any emerging disease threats.

Using the data that the advanced software collects and analyses, Government agencies can better manage infectious outbreaks, responding to these in the fastest time possible. This can mitigate many of the outcomes that have accompanied previous disease outbreaks within the farming and rural community.

VetDX Vaccination Management