Animal Fertility

VetDX’s bespoke software platform has been developed to help drive advances in animal fertility and within the key breeding processes of semen analysis, Bull Breeding Soundness Examination(BBSE) and artificial insemination.

Our Semen Rate Service enhances the way in which semen analysis is carried out, streamlining the entire process and encouraging faster reporting and quicker decision-making on the farm.

Benefits of using VetDx within fertility testing

By digitising the activities involved in the collection of genetic samples, VetDx can greatly support efforts to improve animal fertility, drive production and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Veterinarian time spent on fertility test administration is vastly reduced. Digital processes replace manual and paper ones, eliminating the foibles that can occur within these, particularly when vets are working outdoors and in poor weather conditions.

Farmers can have greater confidence in their purchasing decisions, in areas such as artificial insemination. They can also gain greater peace of mind, thanks to faster analysis and reporting times from laboratories, whose systems dovetail with VetDx’s software.

Enhanced fertility knowledge

Using VetDx’s data solutions within this aspect of herd management allows the professionals to map out breeding outcomes alongside laboratory reports, gaining a vital helicopter view of fertility challenges and successes, whilst also bolstering fertility strategies.

By smoothing out all the hiccups in fertility testing that can occur between field and laboratory, VetDx can deliver tangible advantages to those concerned with herd fertility and create greater efficiencies and profitability within livestock rearing.

Customers can rest assured that all data is safely encrypted and anonymised and both transmitted and stored securely, using only UK-based servers backed by the highest levels of security. A pay-per-use model also makes the software highly affordable.