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VetDx is dedicated to revolutionising the veterinary and farming industries by simplifying and optimising the collection, management, and secure storage of anonymised livestock data. Our goal is to enhance animal health, productivity, and fertility. Through our innovative pay-per-use software model, we support the implementation of animal Point of Care (POC) diagnostics and Precision Livestock Farming. Our cloud-based software solutions are committed to achieving objectives like sustainable food production, elevated animal welfare standards, and the ‘One Health’ vision.

In the realm of Animal Fertility, VetDx’s software solutions digitise existing fertility tools, streamlining the collection, transmission, and storage of data related to tests such as semen analysis and Bull Breeding Soundness Examination (BBSE). Employing a data-driven approach, our software enables precise and rapid analysis and reporting.

Within Diagnostics & Animal Welfare Pathway, VetDx transforms the traditional veterinarian data collection process through digitisation, saving valuable time for veterinary practices, expediting laboratory responses, and supporting the growing utilisation of Point of Care (POC). Our software serves as a crucial ally in the implementation of the Animal Welfare Pathway.

For Small Animal Parasite Screening, VetDx offers a seamless solution for practitioners to adopt a faecal parasite screening service for their clients.

In Animal Vaccination Management, our software facilitates increased vaccination uptake by issuing digital reminders and creating verifiable herd and flock status reports. The centralised data storage offers significant opportunities for disease control and reduced antimicrobial usage. With VetDx, veterinarians can efficiently manage the health and well-being of both pets and farm animals, ushering in a new era of transformative care.

Veterinary Software
Veterinary Software

Benefits of Using our Veterinary Software for Veterinary Technicians

VetDx’s cutting-edge veterinary software stands as a transformative solution offering multifaceted benefits to both veterinarians and farmers. By simplifying and optimising the collection, management, and secure storage of anonymised livestock data, our software emerges as a powerful tool for driving positive outcomes in animal health, productivity, and fertility. 

Through a pay-per-use model, it supports the implementation of animal Point-of-Care (POC) diagnostics and Precision Livestock Farming, aligning with overarching goals such as sustainable food production, elevated animal welfare standards, and the ‘One Health’ vision. VetDx’s software digitises fertility tools, expediting the collection and analysis of crucial data related to tests like semen analysis and Bull Breeding Soundness (BBS). 

This data-driven approach not only ensures accurate insights but also enables swift reporting. The software’s role in simplifying veterinarian data collection processes, aiding in small animal parasite screening, and managing animal vaccinations further streamlines workflows for practitioners. 

VetDX Advantages for Vet Techs

  1. Streamlined Data Management: Our vet software streamlines the collection, organisation, and secure storage of essential data, making it easily accessible for veterinarians. This ensures efficient and well-organised records for each animal under care.
  2. Enhanced Animal Health: By digitising fertility tools, the software assists in the collection, transmission, and storage of data related to various tests, such as semen analysis and Bull Breeding Soundness Examination (BBSE). This data-driven approach enables accurate and swift analysis, leading to improved animal health.
  3. Time-saving Diagnostics: In the realm of diagnostics and animal welfare, our software simplifies the traditional data collection process. This not only saves valuable time for veterinary practices but also accelerates laboratory responses, contributing to more timely diagnoses and interventions.
  4. Support for Precision Livestock Farming: The software supports Precision Livestock Farming, empowering veterinarians and farmers to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data. This promotes higher productivity and efficiency in farm management.
  5. Seamless Parasite Screening: For small animal parasite screening, our software provides practitioners with a seamless solution, allowing them to adopt a faecal parasite screening service for their clients. This enhances the overall care and well-being of small animals.
  6. Efficient Vaccination Management: The software facilitates efficient management of animal vaccinations by issuing digital reminders and creating verifiable herd and flock status reports. This centralised data approach supports disease control and contributes to the reduction of antimicrobial usage.
  7. Pay-per-use Model: Our innovative pay-per-use software model ensures that veterinarians have access to these advanced tools without the need for a substantial upfront investment. This allows for cost-effective utilisation of cutting-edge veterinary technology.
  8. One Health Vision: Aligned with the ‘One Health’ vision, our software contributes to the broader perspective that human, animal, and environmental health are interconnected. By focusing on animal health and welfare, we indirectly contribute to the well-being of communities and the environment.

Overall, the comprehensive suite of features in VetDx’s software not only saves time and resources but also contributes to informed decision-making, disease control, and improved overall health and well-being for both companion animals and livestock.Our vet software offers a comprehensive suite of benefits, ranging from improved data management and animal health to supporting broader initiatives like Precision Livestock Farming and the ‘One Health’ vision.

Benefits of Using our Veterinary Software for Farmers and Livestock

VetDx’s veterinary software offers a host of invaluable benefits for farmers and their livestock management. By providing a streamlined and efficient platform for collecting, managing, and securely storing livestock data, the software empowers farmers to make informed decisions that directly impact the health and well-being of their animals. 

The digitisation of fertility tools, such as semen analysis and Bull Breeding Soundness Examination(BBSE), ensures accurate and rapid data analysis, facilitating proactive measures for optimising animal fertility and productivity. The software’s contribution to the Animal Welfare Pathway enhances the overall health management process by digitising traditional veterinarian data collection, saving time, and expediting laboratory responses. Additionally, VetDx’s small animal parasite screening service enables farmers to seamlessly adopt a crucial faecal parasite screening process, ensuring the health of their livestock. 

The vaccination management feature facilitates greater vaccination uptake, issues digital reminders, and provides verifiable herd and flock status reports. By offering these comprehensive tools, VetDx’s software not only improves the efficiency of farming operations but also contributes to disease control, reduced antimicrobial usage, and the overall health and longevity of the livestock under farmers’ care.

VetDX Advantages for Farmers

Our services at VetDx offer significant benefits to farmers and their livestock by leveraging innovative technologies and streamlined processes. Here’s how our services can positively impact farmers:

  1. Improved Animal Health and Productivity: By digitising fertility tools and facilitating swift analysis of data related to tests such as semen analysis and Bull Breeding Soundness (BBS), our services contribute to enhanced animal health and productivity. Farmers can make informed decisions to optimise breeding programs and ensure the overall well-being of their livestock.
  2. Efficient Data Management: Our software streamlines the collection, transmission, and storage of essential data, saving farmers valuable time in managing records. This efficiency translates into better organisation and accessibility of critical information, supporting informed decision-making on the farm.
  3. Precision Livestock Farming: Our services align with the principles of Precision Livestock Farming, providing farmers with accurate and up-to-date data for more precise management practices. This leads to improved efficiency in resource utilisation, optimised feeding programs, and overall better farm management.
  4. Disease Control and Reduced Antimicrobial Usage: The animal vaccination management feature in our software facilitates greater vaccination uptake and provides digital reminders. This, in turn, helps farmers in creating verifiable herd and flock status reports, contributing to effective disease control and reduced reliance on antimicrobials.
  5. Seamless Parasite Screening: Our small animal parasite screening service offers a seamless solution for farmers, enabling them to adopt effective faecal parasite screening practices. This contributes to the overall health and well-being of small animals, ensuring a healthier and more sustainable farming environment.
  6. Cost-Effective Access: Our pay-per-use software model ensures that farmers can access these advanced veterinary tools without the need for a substantial upfront investment. This cost-effective approach democratises access to cutting-edge technologies, benefitting both large and small-scale farmers.
  7. Support for Animal Welfare: By simplifying and digitising the traditional veterinarian data collection process, our services support the delivery of the Animal Welfare Pathway. This ensures that farmers can actively participate in promoting and maintaining high standards of animal welfare on their farms.

In essence, VetDx’s services empower farmers with the tools and insights needed to enhance the health, productivity, and overall well-being of their livestock. Through a combination of innovative technologies, streamlined data management, and a focus on sustainable farming practices, our services contribute to the success and resilience of modern agricultural operations.

Introducing our Revolutionary Animal Health and Welfare Pathway Review System

VetDX introduces a groundbreaking service package aimed at revolutionising veterinary practices and optimising the Defra Animal Health and Welfare on-farm review process. The cloud-based module seamlessly integrates with existing laboratory setups or can be adopted as a turnkey solution in collaboration with accredited independent labs. This innovative approach, accessible through the VetDX application, offers veterinary professionals an exceptionally efficient electronic service, guiding them effortlessly through the new requirements while significantly reducing time spent.

The Pathway module, a pioneering feature within the VetDX software as a service (SaaS) platform, presents unprecedented time-saving opportunities for veterinarians. By establishing a direct link between veterinary practitioners and laboratories, the system enhances the efficiency of Animal Health and Welfare reviews. This connectivity ensures real-time access to results and data for both farmers and vets, empowering vets with constant awareness and control over the review process.

The platform presents an intuitive app interface designed to simplify practice administration, facilitate in-field editing, and streamline data collection on mobile or tablet devices. Practice staff can proactively schedule visits and perform administrative tasks prior to on-site engagements, alleviating a significant workload for vets and saving valuable time on the farm.

With the capability to swiftly generate reports, branded uniquely for each practice, vets can efficiently complete documentation within the app and promptly share it with farmers upon completion. Notably, only anonymised sample data is transmitted to the testing laboratory, reinforcing data security and governance for both vets and farmers.

The VetDX platform operates on a pay-per-use basis, eliminating upfront or annual licence fees, and offers customisation options, including the incorporation of the vet practice’s logo. This transformative solution heralds a new era in veterinary workflows, prioritising efficiency, seamless collaboration, and enhanced control for veterinary professionals.

Cost-Effective and Time-Saving Solution

Our veterinary software stands out as a cost-effective and time-saving solution for consumers, vets, and farmers alike. For consumers, the software streamlines the process of managing their pets or livestock’s health records and appointments, ensuring quick access to essential information. This user-friendly interface enhances their experience and allows for efficient communication with veterinarians.

For veterinarians, the software introduces a level of automation that significantly reduces administrative burdens. Scheduling appointments, managing patient records, and even accessing diagnostic data become seamless tasks, enabling vets to focus more on delivering quality care. The platform’s efficiency translates to time savings, allowing veterinarians to see more patients and enhance their overall productivity.

Farmers benefit from the software’s ability to digitise and centralise health-related data for their livestock. This not only facilitates streamlined record-keeping but also provides valuable insights into the health trends of the entire herd. By optimising health management practices, farmers can enhance productivity and potentially reduce the risk of disease outbreaks, leading to long-term cost savings.

Furthermore, our software encourages proactive healthcare management. It can automate reminders for vaccinations and screenings, preventing potential health issues before they arise. This proactive approach contributes to better overall animal health, reducing the need for extensive treatments and further cutting costs.

Our vet software creates a symbiotic relationship between consumers, vets, and farmers by centralising and digitising health data. The resulting efficiency not only saves time but also contributes to improved animal health outcomes and potential cost savings for all stakeholders involved.

Improved Results for Animal Health

VetDx‘s services offer a substantial improvement in animal care and health outcomes through various key features. The software’s digitization of data collection processes simplifies and streamlines the handling of crucial veterinary information, reducing the likelihood of errors associated with manual methods. Real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities empower veterinarians with instant access to critical health metrics, facilitating quicker diagnoses and timely interventions.

The seamless adoption of faecal parasite screening and vaccination management services ensures a more efficient and comprehensive approach to preventive care. Moreover, VetDx’s support for Precision Livestock Farming and digitization of fertility tools contributes to enhanced productivity and reproductive outcomes in animals. By centralizing data and providing verifiable reports, the software supports disease control measures and reduces the need for antimicrobial usage.

In summary, VetDx’s services significantly contribute to the overall improvement of results for animals by optimizing data management, enabling timely interventions, and fostering a proactive and preventive approach to veterinary care.

Here are some veterinary resources in the UK that may be helpful:

  • Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS):
    • Website:
    • Description: The RCVS is the regulatory body for veterinary surgeons in the UK. Their website provides information on veterinary standards, guidance, and resources for veterinary professionals.
  • British Veterinary Association (BVA):
    • Website:
    • Description: The BVA is a representative body for vets in the UK. Their website offers news, events, and resources for veterinary professionals. They also advocate for animal health and welfare.
  • Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD):
  • British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA):
    • Website:
    • Description: BSAVA is a professional body that provides support and education for small animal veterinary professionals. Their website offers publications, events, and resources.
  • The Veterinary Record (VR):
    • Website:
    • Description: The Veterinary Record is a journal published by the British Veterinary Association. It covers a wide range of veterinary topics and provides research articles and news.
  • UK Government – Animal Health and Welfare:
  • The Veterinary Medicines Regulations (VMR):

Please note that it’s essential to stay updated with the latest information and guidelines from these organisations for the most accurate and current resources.

VetDX Veterinary Software

Our veterinary software offers a transformative solution for the UK’s veterinary landscape, introducing unprecedented efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and improved health outcomes for animals. By digitising and centralising health data, the software streamlines administrative tasks for veterinarians, allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality care. Consumers benefit from enhanced communication and easy access to their pets’ health records, fostering a more engaged and proactive approach to animal healthcare.

For farmers, our software presents a game-changing opportunity to optimise livestock health management. The platform’s capabilities in data analysis and trend identification empower farmers to make informed decisions, potentially reducing the risk of disease outbreaks and enhancing overall productivity. The software’s cost-effective, pay-per-use model ensures accessibility for veterinary practices of all sizes.

As the veterinary community embraces this innovative tool, its potential impact on the UK becomes evident through improved disease control, streamlined administrative processes, and heightened overall efficiency. The software aligns with the evolving needs of the industry, positioning itself as a key player in the advancement of veterinary care in the UK.

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